“(Looking at menu)I want to order Americano……”

There is no Americano at FOURB.

So, Newcomers often get confused. That is when we recommend ‘Longblack.’

Let me tell you the difference between Americano and Longblack, starting now.

As you can see from its name, Americano is an American styled coffee which you pour espresso first and then water. Quickly diluted crema softens original flavor of coffee, but anyone can enjoy this coffee instead. On the other hand, Longblack is Australian coffee made in order of water followed by espresso. As the crema of espresso coats the top of the water, you may feel strong flavor of coffee from the first sip.

This difference is the most popular between the two coffees. But with a closer look, you can say more fundamentally distinguishable point exists. Let’s compare the cups in which two drinks are served.

Americano usually comes with what we call ‘A mug.’ Normal capacity of a mug is 10 oz, give or take. Assuming espresso is 1oz(approximately 30g), a ratio of espresso to water will be 1:7. Coffee that everyone is familiar with is made like this; pour espresso into a mug, and then 200ml of water.

Meanwhile, Longblack is served in 5~6oz cup in Australia or New Zealand. As capacity of the cup reduces, ratio of espresso to water gets half. A clear cut distinction is now available according to the amount and concentration of coffee. Pour 100ml of water, and add espresso filled with crema. That is what makes Longblack much stronger coffee than Americano.

What about FOURB longblack? FOURB follows the traditional order; pour espresso over water. However, we use the same amount of water as Americano, which most of the Korean customers feel more familiar with. In that way, you may feel rich flavor of coffee from the first sip and enjoy your coffee even when it gets cold.

Looking around, a lot of cafés make Americano in the same order. It is quite interesting that Americano, the most popular coffee in Korea, is in fact linked very closely to the Australian Longblack. There are many other fun facts that comes with coffee regarding diverse cultures that are intertwined with each other. I will walk you through them slowly using our FOURB journals. We hope you get a better understanding of coffee through these stories.


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